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ASTM A792M color coated coil width 600mm-1200mm*0.1-2mm supplie
ASTM A792M color coated coil width 600mm-1200mm*0.1-2mm supplie
ASTM A792M color coated coil width 600mm-1200mm*0.1-2mm supplie
ASTM A792M color coated coil width 600mm-1200mm*0.1-2mm supplie
ASTM A792M color coated coil width 600mm-1200mm*0.1-2mm supplie

ASTM A792M color coated coil width 600mm-1200mm*0.1-2mm supplie

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ASTM A972M Color coated coil is hot galvanized plate, hot galvanized aluminum zinc plate, galvanized plate and other substrates, after surface pretreatment, on the surface coated with a layer or several layers of organic coating, and then after baking curing products. Hot dip galvanized steel strip as the base material of color coating steel strip in addition to the zinc layer protection.The zinc layer of the organic coating to cover and protect the rust of the steel strip, the use time is about 1.5 times longer than galvanized strip.The common width range of cold-rolled rolls is 1000mm-1200 mm, and the thickness range is 0.2mm-2mm.Our company can provide corresponding products according to customer requirements.

    ASTM A792M Color coated coil has light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed. Color is generally divided into gray sea blue brick red. It is mainly used in advertising, construction, household appliance industry, electrical appliance industry, furniture industry and transportation industry. The coating used for color coating rolls according to the use of different environment to choose the appropriate resin, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, poly vinylidene chloride, etc.  

1、Types and usages of color coated coil

Type of base plate Steel grade Grade of base plateApplication

Hot-dip zinc color coated coil

TDC51D+Z TDC51D+Z Normal use
TDC52D+Z TDC52D+Z For drawing
TDC53D+Z TDC53D+Z For deep drawing
TS550GD+ZTS550GD+ZFor high strength structure

Hot-dip alu-zinc alloy color coated coil 

TDC52D+AZTDC52D+AZNormal use 
TS300GD+AZ  S250GD+AZFor drawing 
TS300GD+AZ S300GD+AZ Structure 
TDC51D+AZ DC51D+AZStructure 
TS550GD+AZS550GD+AZFor high strength structure

Electric-galvanized color coated coil

TSECC SECC Normal use
TSECD SECD For drawing
SECD SECEFor deep drawing
TBLCE+Z BLCE+ZNormal use 
TBLDE+ZBLDE+ZFor drawing
TBUSDE+ZBUSDE+Zdeep drawing

2、Characteristics of color coated coilcolor-coated-coil.jpg

    (1)There is no compound high temperature indentation on the surface, no residual stress on the surface and no deformation after shearing.

    (2)A lacquered pattern baked at high temperature. It has the characteristics of high gloss retention, good color stability and small color difference change.

      (3)The product has the advantage of bending strength required for decorative board. It will not cause bending deformation and expansion under the change of wind pressure, temperature and humidity.

   (4)The product has environmental protection, it can resist the corrosion of saline-alkali acid rain at the same time, its own corrosion will not produce toadstools. In addition, it does not release any toxic gases.

3、The color coated coil coating structure type1000mm-color-coated-coil.jpg

(1)2/1: Coat upper surface twice, coat lower surface once, bake twice.

(2)2/1M: Coat upper and lower surfaces twice, bake once.

(3)2/2: Coat the upper and lower surfaces twice, bake twice.

4、Applications of color coated coil

Application-of-color-coated-coil.jpg    The application range of color coated roll is very wide. It is mainly used in rail transportation, aerospace, machining, precision instruments, energy and chemical industry and other fields.

5、Company profile

company profile.jpg    Our company has advanced technical team production and development of products and we use new inspection technology to Improve product performance.Therefore, our products have a broad international market. We provide the best service for customers in different countries, and have been recognized by international customers.

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The quality is good and the price is very competitive. These color coated coils are very popular in the market!

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