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ASTM A792M color coated steel coil price in india
ASTM A792M color coated steel coil price in india
ASTM A792M color coated steel coil price in india
ASTM A792M color coated steel coil price in india
ASTM A792M color coated steel coil price in india

ASTM A792M color coated steel coil price in india

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ASTM A792M color coated roll is based on hot galvanized plate, hot aluminum zinc plate, galvanized plate and other substrates, after surface pretreatment, on the surface coated with a layer or several layers of organic coating, and then after baking curing products. It is named after colored steel coils coated with various organic paints of different colors. In India, the market for coloured rolls is very good, cheap and widely used.

1.what is difference between PPGI and PPGL?

photobank (8).jpg





Use galvanized sheet as base material

Plated with 55% aluminum, 43.3% zinc and 1.6% silicon

useful life

10~15 years

30~45 years





Wall panels and roofs

Chimney pipe, oven, lampshade










2.How much is the lowest price of ASTM A792M color coated steel coil?


    In recent years, there are many traditional small shops in India, and professional retail shops are still developing. The sales channels of Indian department stores are increasing steadily, including food, clothing, department stores, amusement factories and supermarkets. However, specialized products such as computer, electronics and communication stores have yet to appear. In addition, in recent years, there are some famous chain department stores, such as Shoppers Stop, Pantloon, etc., which are worthy of foreign investors to enter the sales cooperation object.

    Due to India's large population and market, many products cannot be produced locally and need to be imported from abroad. Over the years, the import amount of goods is mostly greater than the amount of export enterprises, resulting in a trade deficit. But in recent years, because of information software generation of labor services export growth is very fast, making a lot of foreign exchange, at the same time because of foreign capital to speed up the investment in India, and India's stock market, the import amount is rising, makes the rupee nearly more than two years went into a state of appreciation, contraband is still on the market many Indian manufacturers in order to escape the import tariff, north the china-india boundary using the smuggling, container transport the switch and personal import clip Belt and other ways to enter the so-called Grey Market in India. Sales are not invoiced and are much cheaper than normal imports, which are not effectively regulated in India, creating an underground economy that affects the regular industry.

The price of color coated rolls ranges from 1.45 to 8.6 per ton.

3.What is the color coated steel roll used for?


    Color coated roll has light weight, beautiful and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed, the color is generally divided into gray, blue, brick red, mainly used in advertising, construction, household appliances, electrical appliances, furniture industry and transportation industry. Ction volume market USES mainly into three parts of building, household appliances and transportation, building ction volume with hot dip galvanized steel plate and aluminium zinc steel plate heat commonly as the substrate, mainly processed into corrugated board or with polyurethane accords with sandwich board, used to build the steel structure factory building, airports, warehouses, industrial and commercial buildings, such as the freezer of roof, wall, door, etc. The coating used for color coating rolls according to the use of different environment to choose the appropriate resin, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, PVC plastisol, poly vinylidene chloride and so on. Users can choose according to usage.

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