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HDT Tubing is one of the largest steel manufacturers and suppliers china. Main products Steel pipe,Steel coil,steel plate,Aluminium.We are looking for steel agents and distributors all over the world.
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ASTM C22000 5mm-40mm copper rod for sale in America
ASTM C22000 5mm-40mm copper rod for sale in America
ASTM C22000 5mm-40mm copper rod for sale in America
ASTM C22000 5mm-40mm copper rod for sale in America
ASTM C22000 5mm-40mm copper rod for sale in America

ASTM C22000 5mm-40mm copper rod for sale in America

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Copper rod is a kind of non-ferrous metal processing rod, which has better processing performance and high conductivity. It is mainly divided into brass rod and purple copper rod.C22000 copper rod is a brass containing copper and zinc, it has good mechanical properties and wear resistance.It can be used to manufacture precision instruments, ship parts, gun casings, etc.Our company mainly copper plate, copper pipe and copper bar and other metal products. If 4mm-200mm copper  is not what you need, we can also provide corresponding products according to your needs.

    C22000 is common brass, it has good mechanical properties. Its plasticity is good in both hot and cold states. This product has good machinability, easy welding and corrosion resistance. In addition, it is cheap and is widely used as a common brass variety.

1、Chemical composition of the C22000 copper rod

%SnZn PbPAlFeMnSi


2、C22000 copper rod  features


(1).Its strength is higher than copper.

(2).Electric and thermal conductivity is good.

(3).It has high corrosion resistance  in the atmosphere and fresh water. 

(4).Easy to cold and hot pressure processing, easy to welding, forging and tin plating. 

3、Applications of C22000 copper rod


    The properties of C22000 copper rod are similar to H96, but its strength is slightly higher than H96. It can be gold-plated as extrusion enamelware. C22000 copper rod Commonly used in water supply and drainage pipes, works of art, water tank belt as well as bimetallic sheet.

4、Why choose us



    HDT Tubing Co., Ltd is located in Liaocheng Shandong development zone, the largest steel distribution center in China.

     The company's main products are copper pipe, copper plate, copper rod, stainless steel product and aluminum products, with a stock of 1 million tons.

    The company has adhered to the principle of quality first and service-oriented for many years, and has provided high-quality steel for key national projects such as steel structure engineering, highway and railway construction. The company's products are exported to Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, Myanmar, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Egypt and other countries.Annual sales of 400,000 tons.

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Name: Gabriel A.        time:2022-03-03 11:24:57
I love your copper rod. Very good quality and competitive price. Would recommend to anyone.

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