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ASTM SS255 1-15mm galvanized steel coil manufacturer with high quality
ASTM SS255 1-15mm galvanized steel coil manufacturer with high quality
ASTM SS255 1-15mm galvanized steel coil manufacturer with high quality
ASTM SS255 1-15mm galvanized steel coil manufacturer with high quality
ASTM SS255 1-15mm galvanized steel coil manufacturer with high quality

ASTM SS255 1-15mm galvanized steel coil manufacturer with high quality

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Galvanized coil refers to the steel coil dipped into a molten zinc tank, so that its surface adhere to a layer of zinc coil. Galvanized coil mainly uses continuous galvanized process production. Its production process is the steel coil continuous dip in the melting zinc plating tank made of galvanized coil. Galvanized coil common specifications are generally 1000-2500mm width, thickness is 1-15mm.

一、Ways of galvanized coil surface treatment


1. the passivation

    The corrosion of galvanized coating can be reduced by passivation treatment under the condition of moisture storage and transportation. But the corrosion protection of this chemical treatment is limited. Therefore, this treatment is generally not used in zinc iron alloy plating.


    Oiling galvanized coil can reduce the corrosion of steel plate under wet storage condition, and oiling passivated steel plate and strip will further reduce the corrosion of steel plate under wet storage condition. The oil layer should be able to be removed with a degreaser that does not damage the zinc layer.

3. paint sealant

    Galvanized coils provide an additional protection against corrosion, especially fingerprint resistance, by coating them with an extremely thin transparent organic coating film.


    Galvanized coil through phosphating treatment, so that a variety of coating types of steel coil, without further treatment can be coated. This treatment can improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating and reduce the risk of corrosion during storage and transportation.

2.Galvanized coil coating classification

Uses-of galvanized-coil.jpg

    (1). Spangle coating of normal zinc flower coating

    Zinc layer in the normal solidification process, zinc grains grow freely formed with obvious zinc flower morphology of the coating.

    (2). Spangle coating of minimized spangle coating

    During the solidification process of zinc layer, zinc grains are artificially restricted to form as fine zinc flower coating as possible.

    (3). spangle-free

    spangle-free is obtained by adjusting the chemical composition of bath. It has no visible zinc flower morphology and uniform surface coating.

    (4). Zinc-Iron alloy coating

    Zinc-iron alloy coating is the heat treatment of the steel strip through the zinc bath, so that the whole coating generates zinc and iron alloy layer. This coating appearance is dark gray, no metallic luster. It is easy to powder, suitable for in addition to general cleaning, without further treatment can be directly coated coating.

3.Applications of ASTM SS255 galvanized coil


    ASTM SS255 galvanized coil products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry, fishery and commercial industries.  The construction industry is mainly used to manufacture anti-corrosion industry.  Light industry uses it to manufacture home appliance shell, civil chimney, kitchen utensils and other automotive industry is mainly used to manufacture car corrosion resistant parts and so on. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used as food storage and transportation, frozen processing tools for meat and aquatic products, etc.  Commercial mainly used as materials storage and transportation, packaging appliances.

4.Company profile


    Our company is a manufacturer of ASTM SS255 galvanized coil, with advanced production equipment and perfect after-sales service. The company's products have sufficient inventory, quality assurance, and 24-hour online service to solve customer problems in a timely manner.

The company has adhered to the principle of quality first and service-oriented for many years. Our company's products are exported to Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Vietnam, Myanmar, Belgium, Australia, South Africa, Egypt and other countries.Annual sales of 400,000 tons.We sincerely welcome domestic and foreign merchants to visit us, seek common development, and create brilliance together.

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