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ASTM width 50~500*thickness 2~25 square steel pipe price in India
ASTM width 50~500*thickness 2~25 square steel pipe price in India
ASTM width 50~500*thickness 2~25 square steel pipe price in India
ASTM width 50~500*thickness 2~25 square steel pipe price in India
ASTM width 50~500*thickness 2~25 square steel pipe price in India

ASTM width 50~500*thickness 2~25 square steel pipe price in India

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Square steel pipe is a name for square pipe and rectangular pipe, which is hollow pipe with equal side length and unequal side length. ASTM square steel tubes are available in different sizes and prices, with widths ranging from 50-500mm and thicknesses ranging from 2 to 25mm. Prices in India are also defined according to size.

1.How much does steel square tubing cost for india?


    The unit price of square steel pipe is about 3500 ~4500 yuan for india, and the price in India is rs 45-65 / kg. As a supplier, we can offer you a very low price according to the actual purchase volume.

2.What can square steel be used for?


    Square steel pipe is widely used in machinery manufacturing, construction, gold industry, agricultural vehicles, agricultural greenhouses, automobile industry, railway, highway guardrail, container skeleton, furniture, decoration and steel structure fields. In India, the purpose of the square tube construction, machinery manufacturing, steel construction projects, shipbuilding, solar power stents, steel structure engineering, power engineering, power plants, agricultural and chemical machinery, glass curtain wall, automobile chassis, airport, the boiler construction, highway railings, housing construction, pressure vessel, oil storage tanks, Bridges, power station equipment, Lifting and transportation machinery and other high load welding structures.

    Square tube is a kind of hollow square cross section light thin wall steel tube, also known as steel refrigeration bend section. It is made of Q235 hot rolled or cold rolled strip steel or coil plate as base material by cold bending forming and then by high frequency welding made of square section shape and size of steel. In addition to the thickening of the wall, the corner size and edge flatness of hot rolled extra-thick wall square tube reach or even exceed the level of resistance welding cold forming square tube. Good comprehensive mechanical properties, weldability, cold, hot working and corrosion resistance, with good low temperature toughness.

    Because square steel pipe has a wide range of uses, it is very popular in the Indian market.

3.Which is the best square pipe in India?


    304 stainless steel square tubing is the most used of square tubing due to its high cost efficiency and average strength, corrosion resistance and molding operations. SS304 square tube is a special shape of stainless steel tube, square stainless steel tube is one of many shapes. Some applications require high strength and ductility, especially in high-pressure fluid flow systems. The stainless steel hollow tube can withstand the pressure on the wall as it bends, bends or changes direction. It is a solid geometry and is preferred in such applications.

product performance report

Common square steel tube/carbon steel square steel tube

304 square steel tube/stainless steel square steel tube


Carbon steel pipe/A53   A106 - B

Stainless steel 304 l / 304   316316







cost efficiency



stain resistance




Machinery manufacturing, automobiles, Bridges, furniture, etc

Food, chemical, etc

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