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Corten steel sheet A and Corten B application property and anticorrosion method LDY-PY14
Corten steel sheet A and Corten B application property and anticorrosion method LDY-PY14
Corten steel sheet A and Corten B application property and anticorrosion method LDY-PY14
Corten steel sheet A and Corten B application property and anticorrosion method LDY-PY14
Corten steel sheet A and Corten B application property and anticorrosion method LDY-PY14

Corten steel sheet A and Corten B application property and anticorrosion method LDY-PY14

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Corten steel is one of the weathering steels. Its weathering and corrosion resistance is three to eight times higher than that of ordinary steels. Corten A and Corten B have different application characteristics. This kind of steel has anti-corrosion protection, the generation of "rust film", without coating protective paint, but also to anticorrosion. Widely used in train carriages, containers, Bridges, building facade materials, in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Asia, Japan, South Korea has a certain history


Introduction to Corten Steel Sheet

Corten steel is A weathering steel (namely atmospheric corrosion resistant steel), but Corten steel originated from Corten steel, Corten A and Corten B have different application characteristics. Its weathering and corrosion resistance is three to eight times higher than ordinary steel. This type of steel has a protective effect against corrosion, if used on the exterior of a building, can eliminate the need for building facade protection paint. Once the "rust film" is formed, it is resistant to corrosion for 80 years. You don't need protective paint, but you need anti-corrosion. Corten steel, originated from Corten steel in North America, is widely used in the production of train carriages, containers and Bridges. Weathering steel is used as building facade material, in North America, Western Europe, Australia and Asia in Japan, South Korea has a certain history


Corten Steel Sheet classification

Corten A and CortenB are the representative steels of Cu-p series in the United States. They are low alloy high strength atmospheric corrosion resistant structural steels, also known as weathering steels in China. Corten A steel plates are used in civil engineering structures, chimneys, building cladding, heat exchangers, etc. Corten B steel plates are used in Bridges, cranes and garbage collection trucks.


  • Alloying elements are added to the steel to improve weather resistance, but with a low carbon content for weldability. Manual welding, submerged arc welding and other welding processes are easy to carry out, spot welding can also be used for thin materials. Used for sulfur-containing flue gas, air preheater, economizer, boiler air preheater, prevent acid dew point near the common low temperature weathering steel, can be cold and hot processing and gas cutting processing with the same strength of ordinary steel. The weathering steel can reduce the corrosion allowance, and the steel has high strength at room temperature and high temperature, which plays a great role in reducing the steel consumption. Good notch toughness, safe for use in cold areas and winter.

  • It has been widely used in welding manufacturing and decoration of structural parts such as locomotive and rolling stock, Marine shipping, sculpture decoration, environmental protection equipment, landscape curtain wall, garden factory hall, garden greening project, road and bridge lighthouse, harbor building, boiler and pipeline, coal mine equipment, chemical textile equipment, construction machinery, tower and so on.


  • The strength, toughness and hardenability of carbon tempering and tempering steel are higher than 45 steel. After tempering and tempering, the comprehensive mechanical properties can be obtained. The cutting performance is good, but the welding performance is poor, the cold deformation plasticity is low, and the temper brittleness tends to be used in the tempering and tempering state, and can also be used in the quenching and tempering or normalizing state. Used for manufacturing worn parts, such as rotating shaft, mandrel, crankshaft, spline shaft, connecting rod, universal joint shaft, gear, clutch disc, bolt, nut, etc.

  • It is mainly used for saving gas, air preheater, heat exchanger and evaporator in flue gas with high sulfur content. It is used to resist condensation corrosion of flue gas with sulfur content. It has the best resistance to sulfur ions, hydrochloric acid and other acid corrosion. Spiral groove tube is the main, economic, mature heat transfer element, has been widely used in various boiler air preheater products. The spiral groove tube uses the inner wall and the spiral groove to guide the flow and disturb the working medium in the tube forcibly so as to improve the heat transfer efficiency. The heat transfer coefficient of spiral groove tube can reach 1.25 times that of the same diameter light tube. Using spiral groove tube can improve the efficiency of heat exchange equipment, reduce the amount of steel tube, reduce the space occupied by heat exchange equipment, and has good economy and reliability.


 chemical composition of Corten A and Corten B:












corten A











corten B











Mechanical properties of Corten A and Corten B:



 Thickness (mm)

 Plank product


The yield strength

Rel N/mm squared

The minimum value



Tensile strength

 The Rm N/mm squared

 The minimum value



 A50 %

 The minimum



 Corten A


2 – 12


6 – 12







Corten B


2 – 13

 6 – 40







 Technical requirements of Corten Steel

The size, shape, weight and allowable deviation of cordon steel plate

GB709-88 standard

Surface quality

 THE provisions of GB4172-84

Ultrasonic inspection of steel plate

according to customer requirements

Allowable deviation of chemical composition analysis of Corden steel plate

GB222 specification

The packing, packing, marking and quality certificate of corden steel plate

 GB247 specification

Corten Steel Sheet is used

  • Used for artistic purposes such as sculpture, architecture, etc. Weathering steel is suitable for outdoor carving and is perfect for public art, outdoor sculpture and building exterior decoration. In ocean transportation, corten steel is used to make containers. Some famous works include "Angel of the North", "Hanging" by Manashe Kadishman, "Picasso of Chicago", "Fulcrum", and "LOVE" by Robert Indiana in Hebrew.

  • Because of its artistic value, corrosion resistance, structural support function, used in Bridges, buildings, construction or other huge structures. For example, the New River Gap Bridge, newburg-Beacon Bridge, the 1964 John Dean World Headquarters building, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Museum of Old and New Art, the Barclays Centre, the main building of Odens University, the Danish telegraph pole, the sheet pile parts of the M25 motorway in Britain, etc.


The price of Corten Steel Sheet

Weathering steel with chromium, nickel and other alloy elements much less than stainless steel, cheaper than stainless steel. The classic example is the 1971 St. Louis Depot double-decker electric car, built with weathering steel to reduce costs. The Illinois Central railroad, built by Bombardier in 1979, was painted and could not develop a protective coating of rust in time. As a result, the rail car has corroded holes before its service life has come to an end, but it has been removed before 2016.

The anticorrosion method of Cowden plate

A resistant surface coating is applied to the Cowden plate to prevent corrosion. Coating materials are not the same, commonly used through a variety of ways (such as electroplating, hot dip galvanizing, spraying, etc.) applied on the surface of other metals (aluminum, zinc, chromium or nickel) paint, plastic, rubber, ceramics, etc.

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