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Galvanized steel coil hs code
Galvanized steel coil hs code
Galvanized steel coil hs code
Galvanized steel coil hs code
Galvanized steel coil hs code

Galvanized steel coil hs code

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Galvanized steel coil hs code:72104900
Maybe you are considering importing galvanized steel coils. Then you must understand the export galvanized steel coil HS code. Galvanized steel coil is a necessary knowledge point for import and export.

Galvanized coil is produced by continuous galvanizing process

Galvanized coil: a thin steel sheet that immerses the steel sheet into the molten zinc bath and adheres a layer of zinc to its surface. It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, the rolled steel plate is continuously immersed in the zinc melting bath to make galvanized steel plate; Alloyed galvanized steel sheet. This kind of steel plate is also made by hot dip method, but after it is out of the groove, it is immediately heated to about 500 ℃ to form an alloy coating of zinc and iron. This galvanized coil has good coating adhesion and weldability.


How to handle the galvanized steel coil to be transported?

1. Passivated galvanized steel coil

Through passivation treatment, the zinc coating can reduce the folding corrosion (white rust) under the condition of damp temperature storage and transportation. However, the anti-corrosion performance of this chemical treatment is limited, and it hinders the adhesion of most coatings. This treatment is generally not used in zinc iron alloy coating. In addition to finishing the surface, as a routine, the manufacturer shall passivate other types of zinc coating.

2. Apply oil to galvanized steel coil

Oiling can reduce the corrosion of steel plates under wet storage and transportation conditions. The re oiling of passivated steel plates and steel strips will further reduce the corrosion under wet storage conditions. The oil layer shall be able to be removed with degreasing agent that does not damage the zinc layer.

3. Paint sealed galvanized steel coil

By applying a very thin transparent organic coating film, it can provide an additional anti-corrosion effect, especially fingerprint resistance. It can improve the lubricity during molding and serve as the adhesive substrate of subsequent coatings.

4. Phosphating galvanized steel coil

Through phosphating treatment, galvanized steel plates of various coating types can be coated without further treatment except normal cleaning. This treatment can improve the adhesion and corrosion resistance of the coating and reduce the risk of corrosion during storage and transportation. After phosphating, it can be used with suitable lubricant to improve the forming performance.

5. No treatment

Only when the orderer puts forward the requirement of no treatment and is responsible for it, the steel plates and steel strips supplied according to this standard can not be subject to surface treatment such as passivation, oiling, paint sealing or phosphating.

Galvanized steel coil hs code and description

The import and export of galvanized steel coils must go through the customs. The goods are mainly identified by the customs through HS code. If the owner exports the goods and the owner imports galvanized steel coils, he must declare the goods through HS code. Then we must know the galvanized steel coil HS code.

Hs code: 72104900

Product Description: other narrow iron plates plated or coated with zinc (except for electro galvanized, width ≥ 600mm)

Declaration elements:

1. Product Name: galvanized steel coil

2. Shape (flat plate, rolling plate): rolling plate

3. Material (iron, non alloy steel): non alloy steel

4. Processing method (coated, coated, coated): Coated

5. Corrugated please specify: None

6. Component content (content of iron, carbon, alloy elements and non alloy elements): carbon: 0.04-0.06, silicon: 0.01-0.03, manganese: 0.2-0.3, phosphorus: 0.009-0.017. Sulfur: 0.008-0.014

7. Specification (thickness and width of plate): 1.00 * 1250 * C 1.10 * 1000 * C 1.20 * 1000 * C

1.20*1220*C 1.20*1250*C 1.30*1000*C 1.50*1000*C 1.50*1220*C 


8. Coating type (tin, lead, electro galvanizing, zinc coating, etc.): zinc coating

9. Coating thickness (0.03mm, etc.): 0.03mm

10. Level: Level 1

11. Steel grade: CS type A

12. Type mark: None

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