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Good price of American 4 * 4 square steel pipe
Good price of American 4 * 4 square steel pipe
Good price of American 4 * 4 square steel pipe
Good price of American 4 * 4 square steel pipe
Good price of American 4 * 4 square steel pipe

Good price of American 4 * 4 square steel pipe

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Square pipe is a name for square pipe, that is, steel pipe with equal side length. The strip steel is unpacked, leveled, crimped and welded to form a round pipe, then rolled into a square pipe from the round pipe, and then cut into the required length. In engineering construction, it is mainly used for the framework in the middle of steel structure, the girder in large cars and the support of solar energy in daily life. The application of rectangular tube in steel structure building has a good prospect. At the same time, due to the characteristics of circular pipe and rectangular pipe, the performance of rectangular pipe as building column is better than that of circular pipe. For example, in the corner of the wall, the use of rectangular tubes can maximize the effective use of the building area.


 Let me tell you about the advantages, market prospects, precautions in welding and tips in welding of each other's steel pipe products.

Side-width-40 welding-square-tube.jpg

 Thesquare steel pipe is made of rolled steel strip, and the width and thickness can be customized according to the requirements. The width is 15mm to 500mm / the thickness is 1.5mm to 25mm, which is very convenient in the manufacturing process. Moreover, the shape of the rectangular tube is square or rectangular. Such a structure is very favorable for the support of objects and the construction of other objects, and can save a lot of building space, For engineering construction, the service life of rectangular tube is also relatively long, the performance is also stable, the technical requirements are relatively low, and it is very suitable for mass production and procurement. It also has great advantages in terms of price. It can provide a good support and obtain a good construction effect in the process of use.



In developed countries, the construction industry is the largest user of square tubes, accounting for 50% of the total steel. Square steel tubes used in the construction industry account for more than 70% of the total square moment tubes. Square carbon steel tubes used in the construction industry are mainly square moment tubes used in building structures. According to the statistics of the building metal structure association, at present, the steel used for steel structure has been more than 8 million tons, about 30 million square meters of industrial and civil steel structure buildings are newly built every year, 6-7 million tons of various steel used for engineering construction every month, including 300000 tons of cold-formed welded rectangular tubes.

Square-steel pipe-supplier.jpg

 During engineering welding of rectangular pipe, in order to ensure the strength after butt joint, cross rib plate can be welded in a section of rectangular pipe, and groove shall be made at the butt joint of rectangular pipe for penetration. During butt welding, another rectangular pipe or H-shaped steel can be spot welded to maintain the straightness after butt welding. It should be noted that the welded junction of square pipe should not be undercut, and the welded steel pipe can be beautiful and standardized.


There is a small skill in the welding of rectangular tubes. Don't rush to weld when the temperature is too low. First preheat the position to be welded with flame or other methods, and then carry out the welding work, which will greatly reduce cracks. Square tube is prone to spark splash during electric welding, so when selecting welding current, please try to avoid the current area with high splash rate.

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