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High quality copper rod supplier for Customization
High quality copper rod supplier for Customization
High quality copper rod supplier for Customization
High quality copper rod supplier for Customization
High quality copper rod supplier for Customization

High quality copper rod supplier for Customization

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Product customization
Our company is a high quality copper rod supplier, specializing in the production and sales of various types and materials of copper rods. The company has strong technical force and complete production equipment, so it can ensure the reliability and stability of the quality of copper rod products. We can provide customized services to meet the different needs of customers. Our company always stocks many tons of spot goods, and the delivery speed is fast.

1.Copper Rod Introduction

    Copper rods refer to solid copper rods that are extruded or drawn. There are many types of copper rods, including copper rods, brass rods, bronze rods and cupronickel rods. Different types of copper rods have different molding processes and characteristics. Copper rod production processes include extrusion, rolling, continuous casting and drawing. Copper rods are widely used in the manufacture of precision instruments, ship parts, electrical and thermal conductivity equipment, etc.

2.Copper rod type

copper rod.jpg

    1. The brass rod is a rod-like object made of an alloy of copper and zinc.

    2. Red copper is a relatively pure type of copper. According to its composition, it can be divided into: ordinary red copper, oxygen-free copper, deoxidized copper, and special copper.

    3. The bronze rod has high strength and hardness below 400°C.

    4. The cupronickel rod is a copper alloy with nickel as the main alloying element, and is a continuous solid solution formed by Cu and Ni.

3.Copper rod material

    Copper rod materials mainly include: H59, H59-1, H59-2, H59-3, H60, H60-2, H62, H63, H65, H68, H70, H80, H90; C1100, C1020, C2680, C2800, C2600, C2801, C5191, C5210, C2200, C7521, C7541, C17200, C1070, C7701, QSn6.5-0.1,QSn8-0.3, QSn4-0.3, BZn18-18, BZn15-20, CuBe2, etc.

4.Copper rod performance


    1. The mechanical properties and wear resistance of brass rods are very good.

    2. Red copper has good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

    3. The bronze rod has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and processing and forming properties.

    4.The cupronickel rod has good corrosion resistance, medium strength and good electrical properties.

5.Copper rod application

Brass rodPrecision instruments, ship parts, gun shells, auto parts, medical accessories, electrical accessories
Red copper rodElectrical and thermal conductivity equipment
Bronze rodMotor commutator, slip ring, high temperature switch, electrode of electric welding machine, roller, clamper, brake disc, disc
Cupronickel rodMaterial of construction, high resistance, thermocouple alloy

6.Copper rod forming process

    1. Extrusion-rolling-stretching-annealing-finishing-finished product.

    2. Continuous casting-rolling-stretching-annealing-finishing-finished product.

    3. Continuous extrusion-stretching-annealing-finishing-finished product.

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Excellent copper rod. Thank you! Will order again. Luvvvvv these!

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