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HDT Tubing is one of the largest steel manufacturers and suppliers china. Main products Steel pipe,Steel coil,steel plate,Aluminium.We are looking for steel agents and distributors all over the world.
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JIS15mm*15mm*3mm square steel pipe in Japan manufacture
JIS15mm*15mm*3mm square steel pipe in Japan manufacture
JIS15mm*15mm*3mm square steel pipe in Japan manufacture
JIS15mm*15mm*3mm square steel pipe in Japan manufacture
JIS15mm*15mm*3mm square steel pipe in Japan manufacture

JIS15mm*15mm*3mm square steel pipe in Japan manufacture

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Square steel pipe is a kind of pipe, namely the steel pipe with equal and unequal side length.  It is made of strip steel after processing and rolling.Generally, the strip is unpacked, leveled, crimped and welded into a round tube, which is rolled into a square pipe and then cut into the required length.According to production standards,it can be divided into JIS square pipe、ASTM square pipe and DIN square pipe etc.The product specifications include:15 mm * 15 mm - 600 mm * 600 mm * 3.0 mm to 25 mm,30 mm * 20 mm - 500 mm * 600 mm * 3.0 mm to 25 mm.Our company is a professional manufacturer. We have good production equipment, mature technology and complete production process, so we can guarantee the quality of products. At the same time, we support product customization, and ensure complete specifications.

    Square steel pipe is a kind of long steel with hollow section and no joint around. The pipe is hollow, there is a certain set of cross-sectional area, a large number of used for conveying fluid pipeline, such as conveying oil, natural gas, gas, water and some solid material pipeline.

一、Product details


  (1) The section is smooth

    We use quality raw materials that meet standards. In order to ensure smooth product section without burr. In addition, we also strictly guarantee the accuracy of the diagonal.

   (2) Accurate tolerance

    We have our own testing equipment, the processing thickness of products is accurate, and strict quality inspection will be carried out before shipment.

二、Introduction of square steel pipe classification


    1. According to production standards: GB square pipe, Japanese standard square pipe, British system square pipe, American standard square pipe, European standard square pipe.

    2.According to section shape:

   (1). Simple section of square pipe -- square pipe, rectangular square pipe

   (2). Complex section square tube - flower shaped square pipe, open squar pipe, corrugated square pipe, shaped square pipe.

   3. According to the surface treatment: hot dip galvanized square pipe, electric galvanized square pipe, oil coated square pipe, pickling square pipe.

   4. According to their uses: square pipe for decoration, square pipe for machine tools, square pipe for mechanical industry, square pipe for chemical industry, square pipe for steel structures and so on.

三、The selection of square steel pipe


    When you buy steel pipes, you must choose products with good bearing capacity. Each customer's purpose is also different for square pipe, so its required bearing capacity is also different. It is not necessary to buy the best bearing capacity of the square steel pipe, but to choose according to your specific needs. Generally speaking, customers choose square steel pipe, as long as the compressive stress is less than the allowable stress of the material.

四、Delivery requirements of square steel pipe


     The usual delivery length of square tube is 6000mm and 12000mm. Square  tube allows delivery of not less than 2000mm short and irregular products, can also be delivered in the form of interface tube, but the customer should remove the interface tube when using. The weight of short and irregular length products shall not exceed 5% of the total delivery quantity, and for square tubes with theoretical weight greater than 20kg/m shall not exceed 10% of the total delivery quantity.

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