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Non-ferrous metal tube copper tube performance price LDY-PY10
Non-ferrous metal tube copper tube performance price LDY-PY10
Non-ferrous metal tube copper tube performance price LDY-PY10
Non-ferrous metal tube copper tube performance price LDY-PY10
Non-ferrous metal tube copper tube performance price LDY-PY10

Non-ferrous metal tube copper tube performance price LDY-PY10

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Copper tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, is pressed and pulled seamless tube. The copper pipe has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity and heat conductivity. The copper tube has light weight, good thermal conductivity and high low temperature strength. Conductive accessories of electronic products and the main materials of heat dissipation accessories, the first choice for the installation of water pipes, heating and refrigeration pipes in all residential commercial houses. In all kinds of pipe fittings, the performance price ratio of copper pipe fittings is second to none.


Non-ferrous metal pipe copper pipe

  • Copper tube is a kind of non-ferrous metal tube, often divided into brass tube and red copper tube, is pressed and pulled seamless tube. Copper pipe has the characteristics of good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, electrical accessories of electronic products and the main materials of heat dissipation accessories, in all residential commercial housing water pipes, heating, refrigeration pipeline installation of the first choice. Copper tube has strong corrosion resistance and is not easy to oxidize. And some liquid substances are not easy to chemical reaction, easy to bend the shape, the weight of the copper tube is light, good thermal conductivity, high low temperature strength. It is often used to manufacture heat transfer equipment (such as condenser, etc.). It is also used for assembling low-temperature pipelines in oxygen production equipment. Small diameter copper pipe is often used for conveying pressure liquid (such as lubrication system, oil pressure system, etc.) and used as instrument pressure tube, etc.

  • Pure copper conductivity is very good, a lot of used in the manufacture of wire, cable, brush, etc. Good thermal conductivity, commonly used to manufacture magnetic instruments and instruments to prevent magnetic interference, such as compass, aviation instruments; Excellent plasticity, easy hot pressing and cold pressure processing, can be made into tubes, rods, wires, strips, strips, plates, foils and other copper materials.


Non-ferrous copper pipe products

  • In our sales of copper products are the following: copper tube, copper plate, copper bar, copper belt, copper wire, copper foil.

  • Main material: H62, H65, H68, H70, H80, H90, C2600, C2680, C2700, C5210, C5191, C51000, QBe2.0, C1100, T2, etc.

  • Common sales of copper tube for internal thread coil, copper condensation tube, crystallizer copper tube, air conditioning copper tube, all kinds of extrusion, drawing (anti-extrusion) red copper tube, iron white copper tube, brass tube, bronze tube, white copper tube, beryllium copper tube, tungsten copper tube, phosphorus bronze tube, aluminum bronze tube, tin bronze tube, imported red copper tube. Thin-walled copper tube, capillary copper tube, metal copper tube, shaped copper tube, small copper tube, pen copper tube, pen copper tube, etc. According to the needs of customers, according to the drawings processing production of square mold, rectangular mold copper tube, and D type copper tube, eccentric copper tube.


Performance of copper pipe

  • copper pipe set the advantages of metal and non-metal pipe in a body, in the cold and hot water system exclusive first, is the best connection pipe. The copper tube is fire-resistant and heat-resistant, and can maintain its shape and strength at high temperature without aging phenomenon.

  • The pressure resistance of copper pipe is several times or even dozens of times of plastic pipe and aluminum pipe, it can withstand the highest water pressure in today's building. Below hot water environment, as the extension of service life, the bearing capacity of plastic pipe material drops significantly, and the mechanical properties of copper pipe remain unchanged in all thermal temperature range, so its withstand pressure ability won't be reduced, also won't appear the phenomenon of aging.

  • The linear expansion coefficient of copper tube is very small, is 1/10 of plastic tube, will not cause stress fatigue rupture because of excessive thermal expansion and contraction.

  • The strength of copper pipe is greater, under the requirement of ensuring effective inner diameter, the outer diameter is smaller, and it is more suitable for dark burial.

The price of copper pipes

In all kinds of pipe fittings, the performance price ratio of copper pipe fittings is second to none. Liquid flow performance in copper pipe is better than other pipes, small resistance, not easy to cause water flow obstruction or even blocking; Under the same flow, the inner diameter of copper pipe is smaller than that of other pipes, and the wall of copper pipe is thin, so that the flow pressure is reduced to the minimum. Therefore, the copper water supply system can not only use small size of thin-walled copper pipe, save material, but also save a lot of energy consumption. Let's take a closer look: the price advantage of copper water systems is not obvious based on the first investment alone. For example, the initial investment of copper water pipe system is 2.5 times that of galvanized steel pipe. But the service life of the former is at least 3-4 times that of the latter. If coupled with copper pipe fittings than other pipe fittings used less material, simple installation without maintenance, maintenance performance is good, durable, no pollution of the environment and other aspects of the cost can be saved to comprehensive calculation, it can more show the copper plumbing system quality and cheap quality. In the case of hot water, coupled with the energy-saving advantage of copper, and the general pipe and copper pipe between the difference is more significant. With respect to house purchase character, decorate with Shanghai citizen residence 2 rooms one hall is exemple, conduit of all cold and hot chooses cupreous conduit, charge is controlled for 1000 yuan only, this is to the building of value hundreds of thousands of and decorate also need the cost of tens of thousands of yuan to tell, additional defray is not big, value of something completely however. Besides, installing copper pipes and fittings in a house amounts to a savings. Because decades later, when the house is decrepit and all other materials and equipment are useless, copper fittings can be easily dismantled and reassembled as needed, and even pipes can be sold for a higher return.


General requirements for acceptance

  • Each batch of steel plate delivered must have a quality assurance document, the type of inspection document should be in accordance with ASTM A6M and other provisions, clear handwriting without alteration marks.

  • Deviation of size, thickness and length of steel plate within allowable deviation

  • Also pay attention to plate surface flatness, plate waviness, appearance and corrosion grade

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  • Timely delivery, abundant spot inventory, 100 distribution personnel for your service.

  • Good faith management, annual sales of 5 million tons, 600 million dollars.

  • Free technical training and operation guidance installation services, so that you have no worries.

  • Welcome small order, large quantity and good price. Accept custom, quick quotes.

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