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Outer diameter is 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for  medical industry LDY-PY7
Outer diameter is 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for  medical industry LDY-PY7
Outer diameter is 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for  medical industry LDY-PY7
Outer diameter is 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for  medical industry LDY-PY7
Outer diameter is 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for  medical industry LDY-PY7

Outer diameter is 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for medical industry LDY-PY7

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Stainless steel pipe is short for rust acid steel,air, steam,water and other weak corrosion medium or stainless steel called stainless steel;And the chemical corrosion resistance medium (acid,alkali,salt and other chemical etching) corrosion of steel called acid steel.The outer diameter is 10mm-406mm and the thickness is 2mm-30mm.China from the 1990s from the reduction of wall thickness, reduce costs,to solve the "high diameter wall ratio of high precision" thin-wall stainless steel tube technical problems, so that stainless steel tube widely sold in the international market.Some domestic manufacturers have the ability to produce and further develop thin-walled stainless steel pipes and fittings, which are widely used in petroleum, chemical,medical and other industries.


What is a stainless steel tube  

Stainless steel pipe is short for rust acid steel, air, steam, water and other weak corrosion medium or stainless steel called stainless steel; And the chemical corrosion resistance medium (acid, alkali, salt and other chemical etching) corrosion of steel called acid steel. Due to the difference in the chemical composition of the two so that their corrosion resistance is different, ordinary stainless steel is generally not resistant to chemical medium corrosion, and acid.

Brief introduction of common parameters of stainless steel tube

outer diameter10mm-406mm
Commonly used steel pipe materials304(0Cr18Ni9), 304L(00Cr19Ni10)321(1Cr18Ni9Ti), 316(0Cr18Ni12M02),316L(00Cr17Ni14M02)
Weight formula[(outer diameter - wall thickness) Wall thickness "0.02507 = kg/ m (weight per meter)

Selling stainless steel pipe products

In our company's business products of stainless steel products are divided into stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate, stainless steel, stainless steel pipe accessories;

  • Its representative products: stainless steel round pipe, stainless steel welded pipe, stainless steel fence pipe, stainless steel square pipe, stainless steel rectangular pipe, stainless steel sanitary pipe, stainless steel bellows pipe, stainless steel decorative pipe, industrial thick wall stainless steel pipe, stainless steel composite pipe, stainless steel wire drawing pipe, stainless steel mirror pipe, etc

  • Its products: hot rolled stainless steel plate, cold rolled stainless steel plate, mirror stainless steel plate, stainless steel pattern plate, stainless steel color coated plate, stainless steel pickling plate, etc

  • Its representative products: stainless steel Angle steel, stainless steel channel steel, stainless steel H shaped steel, stainless steel I-steel, stainless steel square steel, stainless steel flat steel, stainless steel hexagonal steel, stainless steel round steel and so on

  • Accessories its representative products: stainless steel elbow, stainless steel tee, stainless steel butt welding flange can be customized according to customer requirements.


   10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe can stand inspection

  • With magnet identification: different components of stainless steel in different states can be attracted by magnets; 

  • Color identification. After pickling, the surface color to determine the stainless steel is good or bad 

  • With copper sulfate identification: remove the oxide layer on the steel, put a drop of water, with copper sulfate rub, rub after whether to change color

  •  Abrasive identification: abrasive identification is to grind stainless steel in the grinder, the spark. 

  • Chemical qualitative identification: to identify whether magnetic stainless steel contains nickel in a method of identification. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel is mainly determined by the content of chromium and nickel. The higher the content, the more difficult it is to rust. Users can use some stainless steel solder acid washing solution (also called water of steel washing) coated on the surface of the steel pipe to see whether the color changes.

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Overall sensory

  • Craftsmanship.  Smooth without welding pass, impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good extension performance, long service life, beautiful welding joints, bending and no cracking Grade

  • Positive material, lead-free and plastic-free.  It is green, healthy and not easy to corrode.

  • Internal and external polishing, clean and sanitary.  The inner and outer wall of the pipe is polished to meet the sanitary standards of drinking water.

  • Explosion-proof leakproof, zero maintenance.  Pressure 1.6mpa, explosion-proof leakproof, synchronous with the life of the building, zero maintenance.



 10mm-406mm stainless steel pipe for  medical industry Detail

  • Seiko quality.  Using food grade non - span steel, quality assurance, pipe quality assurance for 70 years

  •  The inner wall is smooth.  The inner wall is smooth, the water resistance is small, reduces the storage brush, the water yield is large

  •  Stable supply of goods.  12 years of stainless steel pipeline production and r & D experience, quality assured, massive inventory large price excellent, one-stop dyeing purchase resistant steel is generally rust.


Stainless steel pipe application

     Stainless steel tube is an economic section steel, is an important product in the iron and steel industry, can be widely used in life decoration and industry, many people in the market for making stair handrails, window guards, railings, furniture and so on. Because of its hollow section, the steel pipe is most suitable for conveying liquid, gas and solid. At the same time, compared with the same weight of round steel, steel pipe section coefficient is large, bending and torsion strength is large, so it has become an important material in all kinds of machinery and building structures. Structures and components made of stainless steel tubes have greater sectional modulus than solid parts for equal weight. Therefore, stainless steel tube itself is a kind of economical section of metal steel, it is an important part of efficient steel, especially in the oil drilling, smelting and transportation industry demand is large, Secondly, geological drilling, chemical industry, construction industry, machinery industry, aircraft and automobile manufacturing and boiler, medical equipment, furniture and bicycle manufacturing and other aspects also need a large number of various steel pipes. According to the application experience abroad, thin wall stainless steel pipe is considered as one of the best pipe with comprehensive performance among metal pipes.

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