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Copper wire

Copper wire refers to a wire drawn from a hot-rolled copper rod without annealing (but a smaller size wire may require intermediate annealing). It can be used for weaving nets, cables, copper brush filters, etc.

Standards for copper wire

Comparison table of Chinese and foreign implementation standards for copper wire

National standard: GB/T 3953--2009

American Standard: ASTM B224-2014

Japanese standard: JIS C 3102-1984

German standard: DIN EN 12166-1998

Characteristics and uses of Copper wire

Copper wire has the same high strength limit, elastic limit, yield limit and fatigue limit as special steel, and at the same time has high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, good casting performance, and non-magnetic. It has the characteristics of non-sparking and impact, which is widely used in mold manufacturing, machinery, electronics and other industries.


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