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Galvanized steel coil

Galvanized coil is a thin steel sheet with Q235 as the base material being immersed in a molten zinc tank to adhere a layer of zinc on the surface. It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, the coiled steel plate is continuously immersed in a galvanizing tank with molten zinc to make a galvanized steel plate; the coil is harvested into a steel coil.


Common Galvanized steel coil specifications

Thickness: 0.14-1.2mm

Width: 800-1250mm

Zinc Coated: 30-275g/sqm

Spangle: Standard spangle, large spangle, small spangle, non-spangle (Regular, Big, Mini, Non-spangle)

Use of galvanized steel coil

Galvanized steel coil products are mainly used in construction, light industry, automobile, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery and commerce industries. Among them, the construction industry is mainly used to manufacture anti-corrosion industrial and civil building roof panels, roof grilles, etc. The light industry uses it to manufacture household appliance shells, civil chimneys, kitchen appliances, etc., and the automobile industry is mainly used to manufacture corrosion-resistant parts for cars, etc. Agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery are mainly used as food storage and transportation, meat and aquatic products refrigerated processing tools, etc. Commercial mainly used as material storage and transportation, packaging tools, etc.

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