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HDT Tubing is one of the largest steel manufacturers and suppliers china. Main products Steel pipe,Steel coil,steel plate,Aluminium.We are looking for steel agents and distributors all over the world.
HDT Tubing

Steel coil

We have the following varieties of steel coil products: hot-rolled steel coil, cold-rolled steel coil, galvanized steel coil, color-coated steel coil, etc.

We are a professional steel coil manufacturer with rich manufacturing and export experience.

We have the following varieties of steel coil products: hot-rolled steel coil, cold-rolled steel coil, galvanized steel coil, color-coated steel coil, etc. 

Hot rolled coils

Hot rolled refers to hot rolled coils, which use slabs (mainly continuous casting billets) as raw materials, and after heating, they are made into strip steel by the rough rolling mill and the finishing mill. The hot steel strip from the last rolling mill of the finishing rolling is cooled to a set temperature by laminar flow, and is wound into a steel strip coil by the coiler. The cooled steel strip coil undergoes different finishing operations according to the different needs of users. Lines (flattening, straightening, cross-cutting or slitting, inspection, weighing, packaging and marking, etc.) are processed into steel plates, flat coils and slit steel strip products. Material: Q235B Q345B SPHC, 510L, Q345A, Q345E.

 Cold rolled coil

Cold rolled coil (Cold rolled) is often used in the steel industry, which is different from hot rolled coil. It refers to a steel strip that is directly rolled into a certain thickness with a roll at room temperature and wound into a whole coil with a winder. Compared with hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils have a brighter surface and higher finish, but they will produce more internal stress, and are often annealed after cold rolling. Material: SPCC, SPCD, SPCE.

 Galvanized coil

 Galvanized coil is a thin steel sheet with a layer of zinc adhered to the surface by immersing a thin steel sheet with Q235 as the base material in a molten zinc tank. It is mainly produced by continuous galvanizing process, that is, the coiled steel plate is continuously immersed in a galvanizing tank with molten zinc to make a galvanized steel plate; the coil is harvested into a steel coil. The production process of hot-dip galvanized coils mainly includes: preparation of the original plate, pre-plating treatment → hot-dip plating → post-plating treatment-finished product inspection, etc.  

Color coils

Color coils are colored steel coils coated with organic coatings of various colors, hence the name, referred to as color coils. The color-coated steel strip using hot-dip galvanized steel strip as the base material, except for the protection of the zinc layer, the organic coating on the zinc layer plays a covering and protective role to prevent the steel strip from rusting, and the service life is longer than that of the galvanized strip, about 1.5 Times.

Color-coated rolls

Color-coated rolls have light weight, beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, and can be directly processed. They are mainly used in the construction industry, home appliance industry, electrical appliance industry, furniture industry and transportation industry. The paint used for color-coated rolls should be selected from suitable resins such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastisol, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. according to the use environment. The user can choose according to the purpose.

The main sales countries and regions of steel are: Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and the 27 countries of the European Union.

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