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Q235 width 600-1250mm carbon steel coil manufacturers from China
Q235 width 600-1250mm carbon steel coil manufacturers from China
Q235 width 600-1250mm carbon steel coil manufacturers from China
Q235 width 600-1250mm carbon steel coil manufacturers from China
Q235 width 600-1250mm carbon steel coil manufacturers from China

Q235 width 600-1250mm carbon steel coil manufacturers from China

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The carbon steel coil from Chinese manufacturer is made of slab, heated by heating furnace and rolled by roughing mill and finishing mill group. The hot strip from the last finishing mill is cooled and rolled by crimping machine. High quality Q235 carbon steel coil mechanical performance is better, the width of 600-1250mm carbon steel coil is widely used in shipbuilding, automobile girder, construction platform, large steel structure welding, pressure vessel manufacturing industry.

1.What is Q235 carbon steel coil used for? 

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    Q235 carbon steel coil from Chinese manufacturer is made from slab (mainly continuous casting billet), heated and made into strip by roughing mill and finishing mill. The hot strip from the last finishing mill is cooled to a set temperature by laminar flow and rolled into coils by the coiler. Q235 carbon steel coil is widely used in construction and engineering welding structure, used to manufacture steel bars or the construction of factory buildings, high voltage transmission towers, Bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, etc., is also used for mechanical parts with lower performance requirements, Such as low stress rod, connecting rod, screw, nut, ring, bracket, bracket, etc. From the general engineering structure to the automobile, bridge, ship, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, have been widely used. Different uses, the material performance, surface quality and size of steel plate, shape accuracy and other requirements are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the varieties, materials, characteristics and uses of coil products in order to achieve economic and reasonable use.

2.what is steel coil manufacturing process ?


    The coil production process includes the following steps

    P1: The steel coil material is unwound by the uncoiler and pressed repeatedly by the press roller to get the straightening steel strip;

    P2: The straightening steel strip is placed in the pickling tank for soaking and pickling to obtain the pickling steel strip;

    P3: Wash the pickling steel strip with water to obtain the washed steel strip;

    P4: The washed steel strip is placed in the annealing furnace and annealed to obtain the annealed steel strip;

    P5: Cut the annealed steel strip head and tail, use automatic welding machine for head and tail welding, and get the welded steel strip;

    P6: The heated steel strip is obtained;

    P7: Get the rolled steel strip;

    P8: Steel strip coil is obtained;

    P9: The production of steel coil can be completed, effectively improve rolling efficiency and quality, reduce cracking, cutting and trimming with edge cutting machine, to ensure the quality of steel coil, convenient and efficient production and processing, conducive to popularization and use.

3.Supply high quality steel coil manufacturers

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    Trust us, we have professional processing and reliable shipping team, 24 hours service, quality products and can accept humanized customization.We only sell the best products! So, don't hesitate to contact us!The company has been adhering to the principle of quality first and service first for many years, providing high-quality steel for national key projects such as steel structure engineering, highway and railway construction, hydropower station, mine and plant reconstruction. Products are exported to Europe, The United States, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, the annual sales of up to 60 million DOLLARS. In recent years, the company has become a strategic partner of Royal Dutch Shell oil Company, Russian Gazprom, Spanish Energy Group, Austrian Oil and Gas Group, French Saint-Gobain Group, French Bouyge Group, Swedish Skanska, Kajima Construction Co., Ltd. and fortune 500 enterprises. We uphold the customer-centric business philosophy, with quality products, thoughtful service, on time delivery to win the trust of customers. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit us, seek common development and create brilliant! We are dedicated to provide you with 24 hours online service. If you are looking for steel coil manufacturers, we, as one of the most professional steel coil manufacturers, will be your best choice in China.

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