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Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53
Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53
Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53
Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53
Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53

Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53

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Seamless carbon steel pipe is made of steel ingot or solid tube billet through perforation into wool pipe, and then hot rolled into. There is no weld on the surface.Seamless steel pipe has the advantages of high tensile strength, high pressure resistance, and good toughness. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, construction, petroleum, chemical and other industries. The company has its own warehouse with sufficient stock of various specifications and materials.Special specifications of seamless pipe can be customized to meet the different needs of customers.

1.Seamless carbon steel pipe Astm A53 Product overview

The seamless steel pipe has excellent mechanical properties, easy machining, high elasticity and not easy to deform. Seamless steel pipes are widely used in the manufacture of structural parts and mechanical parts, boilers.

2.Product details

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ASTM A53 seamless steel pipe is mainly used in mechanical processing, bearing sleeve, gas transportation, water power generation fluid pipeline. The main production grades are ASTM A53-A,ASTM A53-B.


Seamless steel pipe has a hollow section, which can be used as a pipeline for conveying fluid. It is a cross-sectional steel widely used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts. It can improve material utilization rate,simplify manufacturing process, save material and processing time.


Seamless carbon steel pipe is divided into hot rolled seamless steel tube and cold rolled seamless steel tube because of its different manufacturing process. The outer diameter of hot rolled seamless steel pipe is generally greater than 32mm, and the wall thickness is 2.5-75mm. Cold rolled seamless steel tube diameter can be 6mm, wall thickness can be 0.25mm. Seamless tube cold rolling is more accurate than hot rolling.


Our company is the manufacturer, we can provide high quality, more preferential prices of products and professional after-sales service.


Our company has its own warehouse, so the products have sufficient stock, complete specifications and fast delivery. We can provide customized services to meet the different needs of customers.

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