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HDT Tubing is one of the largest steel manufacturers and suppliers china. Main products Steel pipe,Steel coil,steel plate,Aluminium.We are looking for steel agents and distributors all over the world.
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Stainless steel pipe  manufacturers for construction industry LDY-PY8
Stainless steel pipe  manufacturers for construction industry LDY-PY8
Stainless steel pipe  manufacturers for construction industry LDY-PY8
Stainless steel pipe  manufacturers for construction industry LDY-PY8
Stainless steel pipe  manufacturers for construction industry LDY-PY8

Stainless steel pipe manufacturers for construction industry LDY-PY8

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Stainless steel pipe is a hollow strip of circular steel, mainly widely used in petroleum, chemical, medical,food, light industry, mechanical instrument and other industrial pipeline and mechanical structure parts. Materials are mainly used for pipeline construction in heavy industry,main frame construction in light industry, appliances in medical industry, household articles industry and architectural decoration industry. Most of our products are sold to South American markets, Southeast Asian markets and South African markets.

Introduction to Stainless steel pipe for construction industry

Stainless steel is composed of stainless steel and acid steel two most, in short, can resist atmospheric corrosion steel is stainless steel,and can resist chemical medium corrosion steel is acid resistant steel,chromium Cr content is greater than 12% steel has the characteristics of stainless steel,stainless steel according to the microstructure after heat treatment and can be divided into five categories: That is, ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, austenite-ferrite duplex stainless steel and precipitate hardened stainless steel. Stainless steel pipe is a hollow strip of circular steel,the material is mainly used in heavy industry pipeline construction,light industry main frame construction, medical industry appliances, household necessities industry and architectural decoration and other industries, our products are mostly sold in South America market,Southeast Asia market and South Africa market.stainless-steel-pipe-price.jpg


Brief introduction of common parameters of stainless steel tube

outer diameter10mm-406mm 
thickness 2mm-30mm
Commonly used steel pipe materials 304(0Cr18Ni9), 304L(00Cr19Ni10)321(1Cr18Ni9Ti), 316(0Cr18Ni12M02)316L(00Cr17Ni14M02)
Weight formula[(outer diameter - wall thickness) Wall thickness "0.02507 = kg/ m (weight per meter)

No matter what material specifications you want, we have.please contact us or direct order!



Stainless steel tube manufacturers policy support  

  China's prospect of building water supply pipeline demand 2 pipeline direct drinking water development is rapid, in direct drinking water. stainless steel pipe system is second to none.At present,domestic first-class hotels and public places have been configured or in the configuration of direct drinking water pipeline. 3 Domestic alternative imports have a broad future, China from the 1990s from the reduction of wall thickness, cost reduction, to solve the "high diameter wall ratio of high precision" thin-wall stainless steel tube technical problems, so that the stainless steel tube has been promoted and applied, the development of very fast. Some domestic manufacturers have the ability to produce and further develop thin-wall stainless steel pipes and fittings.


Why choose us

  •  Manufacturers directly for the main business stainless steel series products, product quality is guaranteed

  •  Have a large number of spot goods , for you to solve the problem of insufficient supply

  • Support customization can be customized according to customer different needs for processing

  • Integrity management strictly requires employees to serve customers for the purpose of treating customers seriously in the purchase link.

     The stainless steel pipe for construction industry details show

  • The optimized raw materials are all refined materials, and the ingredients are put into storage for testing, and the process is checked layer by layer.

  • Cut neatly according to customer requirements to cut, reasonable structure.

  • A variety of specifications of production, according to customer demand customized goods

   Core strengths.

  • Fine selection of raw materials adhere to the detection of components of each volume of raw materials, good toughness, easy processing, strong rust resistance.

  •  Manufacturing welding seam polishing mark shallow, beautiful anti-oxidation rust, enhance the performance of weld.

  • Welding test to test the performance of the pipe products qualified to leave the factory.

  • Manufacturers direct alibaba strength business, credit inspection factory is trustworthy

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