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The application of stainless steel pipe for construction
The application of stainless steel pipe for construction
The application of stainless steel pipe for construction
The application of stainless steel pipe for construction
The application of stainless steel pipe for construction

The application of stainless steel pipe for construction

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Stainless steel tube is an economic section steel,which is an important product in the iron and steel industry.It can be widely used in life decoration and industry, making stair handrails, window, baluster, furniture.201 and 304 are common materials.And generally,the common specification of stainless steel pipe is oueter diameter 10mm-406mm,thickness 2mm-30mm.

    Stainless steel pipe has many usages.For example,it is the best direct drinking water delivery pipe. Thin-walled stainless steel pipe has characteristics of saving water resources and low leakage rate. It also can be used for hot water pipe and cold water pipe. In the earthquake, water supply system was destroyed, but stainless steel pipe system is intact. In addition, the water flow is better compared with copper water pipe.Besides,there are other applications as follow:


    Stainless steel pipe is used in the field of decoration.It is widely used in decoration industrystainless because of the high tensile strength, The lining good brightness, The superior wear resistance and so on advantages.just like ostainless steel stair railing armrest Is made of stainless steel decorative pipe. Thus stainless steel pipe is be populared in the decoration industry.

usage-for- transportation.jpg

    Stainless steel pipe  are mainly in the field of transportation of railway vehicle and automobile exhaust system, this is one of the largest applications of stainless steel pipe fittings Since the 1980 s, from the railway transport vehicles and passenger vehicles began to batch use stainless steel manufacturing, improved transport vehicles and passenger vehicle's life cycle, reduces the use cost, improve the efficiency of the transportation In recent years, with the development of urban rail transit, from the safety and economic considerations, the use of stainless steel vehicles is increasing.


    our product selecte raw materials, bright surface drawing, high brightness, corrosion resistance.In addition our company has a complete processing production line to meet customers' various needs.The plasticity of our products is high, because we support customers to customize production.

The prospect of stainless steel

    Because the stainless steel have many ideal performance of building materials required, it can be said to be unique in the metal, and its development continues to make better in the application of traditional performance. In order to meet the strict requirements of advanced construction application,the existing type is being imporved .developing a new  Stainless steel.It has become one of the most cost-effective materials  of developing a new  Stainless steel as  production efficiency and quality continue to improve.

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