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HDT Tubing is one of the largest steel manufacturers and suppliers china. Main products Steel pipe,Steel coil,steel plate,Aluminium.We are looking for steel agents and distributors all over the world.
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US carbon steel pipe price
US carbon steel pipe price
US carbon steel pipe price
US carbon steel pipe price
US carbon steel pipe price

US carbon steel pipe price

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The production process of seamless steel pipe is to thread solid billet or ingot into hollow rough pipe, and then roll it into steel pipe of required size. According to the material, it is divided into carbon steel pipe low carbon steel pipe, alloy steel pipe and composite steel pipe;
It is mainly used for fluid transmission pipeline, engineering structure frame construction, thermal boiler equipment, petrochemical pipeline, machinery manufacturing parts etc;

  Advantages of carbon steel seamless steel pipe and its problems in steel pipe transportation and storage.


  With the acceleration of the city's economic development and urbanization, city and industrial water consumption has increased rapidly,Long-distance water conveyance projects are one of the main measures to solve the problem of rapid increase in water consumption.Pipeline investment accounts for a large proportion of the whole water transmission project,When selecting pipelines, we should also consider their different mechanical properties, durability, safety, economy, construction difficulty and so on. Therefore large-diameter seamless steel pipe has great advantages in this regard.


  Seamless steel pipes are generally delivered in bundles during sea transportation, which shall be neatly arranged and marked with variety, specification, material, heat number, batch number, and the weight of each bundle shall not exceed 5000kg.The weight of each bundle of seamless steel pipe can be specified in other regulations through agreement between the supplier and the buyer and indicated in the contract.

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  The storage conditions of carbon steel seamless steel pipes shall be in suitable sites, warehouses and places with smooth drainage, away from factories and mines that produce harmful gas or dust. Weeds and all sundries shall be removed on the site to keep the steel clean. The warehouse shall not be stacked with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other materials that are corrosive to steel. Steels of different grades shall be stacked separately to prevent confusion and contact corrosion.


  Thick wall seamless steel pipe has good development advantages, especially the implementation of a series of century projects such as West to East Gas Transmission and west to East power transmission as well as the strong development of petroleum, coal, nuclear energy and other industries, which have greatly driven the development of the demand market for thick wall seamless steel pipe. The construction and operation of energy industry have obvious regional characteristics, and the range of regional changes has increased, This makes the market change range of thick wall steel pipe demand for energy industry larger than that of thick wall steel pipe for other purposes.

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