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What is the difference between cold rolled steel plate and hot rolled steel plate?


There are many differences between hot-rolled steel plate and cold-rolled steel plate. Today, let's talk in detail.

Hot rolled and cold rolled steel plates are used for different purposes

Use of cold plate: the use of cold plate has a wide range of applications, such as automobile manufacturing, electrical products, rolling stock, aviation, precision instruments, canned food, etc. The purpose of hot plate is used in the production of hot-rolled steel plate, hot-rolled flat coil, slitting strip and other products.

The characteristics of hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate are different

Characteristics of cold plate: due to its good surface quality and high dimensional accuracy, the mechanical and technological properties of cold plate are better than those of hot rolled plate. In many fields, especially in the field of household appliance manufacturing, it has gradually replaced the use of hot-rolled steel plate. Characteristics of hot plate: low strength and slightly poor surface quality (oxidation and finish are not very good), but good plasticity. Generally, medium and heavy plate, cold rolled plate, high strength, high hardness, high surface finish and general thin plate can be used as stamping plate.

The manufacturing processes of hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate are different

Cold plate process: due to no heating and no hot rolling defects, such as hemp skin and iron oxide skin, the surface quality is good and the finish is high. Moreover, the dimensional accuracy of the cold plate is high, and its properties and microstructure can meet the special requirements of electromagnetic properties and deep drawing properties. Hot plate process: continuous casting billet or initial rolling billet is used as raw material. After stepping into the heating furnace, high-pressure water descaling enters the roughing mill. Roughing passes through cutting and cutting, and then enters the finishing mill. Computer controlled rolling. After rolling, it enters the direct rolling through laminar cooling (computer controlled cooling speed) and coiler.

Why is cold rolled steel sheet used in making steel waiting chairs?

The main reasons are as follows?

1. The precision is higher, and the thickness difference of cold rolled strip is no more than 0.01 ~ 0.03mm.

2. The size is thinner, and the thinnest cold rolled steel strip can be rolled by 0.001mm; The thinnest of hot rolling can now reach 0.78mm.

3. The quality is superior, and the cold-rolled steel plate can even produce mirror surface; The surface of hot rolled plate has defects such as iron oxide scale and pitting.

4. Cold rolled sheet can adjust tensile strength and process properties, such as stamping properties.

The surface of cold-rolled sheet is glossy and smooth, similar to the common steel water cup used to drink water. In the process of making the waiting chair, the cold rolled steel requires high mill power and low rolling efficiency, and intermediate annealing in order to eliminate work hardening, so the cost is also high. However, the cold rolled steel has bright surface and good quality, and can be directly used to process the finished products. Therefore, the cold rolled steel plate in the waiting chair is widely used.

Hot rolled and cold rolled steel plates are not specially treated

If the hot-rolled plate is not pickled, it is similar to the surface of many ordinary steel plates on the market. The rusted surface is red and the non rusted surface is purple black (iron oxide scale). The effect on the use of equal waiting chair is that the steel is oxidized under hot rolling conditions, and the product surface is black and gray.

Hot rolled steel plate and cold rolled steel plate have many applications in the market. I believe that through the above explanation, we have a general understanding of hot-rolled steel plate and cold-rolled steel plate. I hope you have more knowledge and know how to choose when purchasing hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plates.

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